Pastel colors are excellent decorative elements for the kitchen

The counter in the kitchen is usually made of granite base because of its characteristics which are easy to clean when exposed to dirt which is usually scattered from food ingredients. In addition, counter tables made of granite will last long, look shiny, and also look impressive because they will add value to the kitchen interior and also the whole of your home. The granite counter is the right area to give a touch of pastel colors that will look sweet. It’s because pastel colors that have several color shades counter tables and other table surfaces fitted with pastel granite colors can be the main focus of kitchen decor. Apart from that, you may need to hire the professional painters near your area when you want to get your house re-painted quickly and easily.

When combined with other, brighter colors, a counter that has hints of pastel colors such as bright pink and green, will give an awesome look that certainly matches the various decorations in the kitchen.

Pastel color accents on the cabinet door to give a sweet impression

Pastel colors can also be applied to cabinet doors which basically have a previous dark color. The trick, you only need to paint the front door of the cabinet with the choice of pastel colors you like. You can paint the cabinet door with only some pastel colors. But, if you want to give a more dramatic look,

You can cover the entire cabinet door in pastel colors that have the basic characteristics of soothing colors. In this way, the cabinet which is usually placed close to the wall will have an interesting color combination with the color of the wall that tends to be bright.

Show pastel colors on what kitchen furniture

Combining pastel colors on some kitchen furniture is able to effectively provide attractive decorations. For example, giving pastel color accents to the candles that are on a dark counter.

By doing this, you do not need to replace the counter with a lighter color because the color combination of pastel candles and dark granite counter tables can provide interesting highlights for the look of the kitchen decor.