Preparing your children for dealing with a power outage

Regarding sudden power outages, your child needs to be educated so that he understands that the incident is natural and must be prepared to face it, especially when that happens, the little one is alone at home. In the meantime, you may call the trusted electrician singapore if you want to repair the broken electrical installation in your house check this.

Here are our tips for dealing with it:

1. Keep calm, check the light switch.

2. Check the electricity meter and the surrounding environment.

If the meter position is high enough so that the child is unable to see the numbers listed (1 = electricity is on, 0 = electricity is off), have the child see the house around. If the lights in the surrounding houses are also extinguished, that means there is a power outage in the area around your house. Blackouts can take several minutes to several hours.

If it turns out blackouts only occur at home, it means there is a complete network. It’s better to leave it alone until there are adults at home.

3. Look for objects that can illuminate you, for example, a flashlight.

The flashlight is recommended because it is safer than wax. So make sure to always keep the flashlight in a certain place and the most important thing can be reached by the little one.

If you are at home, you should accompany your child when the lights are off. Stay with the child in the dark so that he still feels safe with you. So that the state of a power outage does not become frightening for your little one, you can create a pleasant atmosphere even in the dark. Make your little one always laugh with funny fairy tales or play shadows using his hands and flashlight.

In addition, if the age of the child is large enough (around 8-12 years), you can also teach how to light a candle but keep in mind the safety, so there is no fire. Armed with this knowledge in a power outage, the little one no longer panics and can finally calm down.