Prevention of Back Pain

The best simple way to prevent back pain is to stay active and exercise regularly and maintain good posture. You can also visit and we will help you to relieve your pain. If you feel the back pain that comes often over and over again, first try some of the following suggestions.

– Stay active exercising, such as swimming and walking
– Try to reduce stress, tension, and anxiety
– Use a flat shoe with pads on the base to reduce the pressure on the back. Avoid sudden movements that can cause muscle tension
– If you feel back pain and indeed have excess weight, reducing weight can reduce the burden of bones and pain that is felt
– Align the position of the computer keyboard with the navel to the shoulder is not depressed
– Align the position of the computer screen with the eye gaze to avoid the neck from tension
– Increase the flexibility of back muscles with yoga or pilates sports. Stop exercise if the pain gets worse.

Posture plays a major role in causing or preventing back pain. Backbone health is determined by how you lie down, sit, and stand. Here are some tips to keep your posture in the ideal position:

– Sleep

Cover head with a pillow. Make sure your pillow is not too high to make the neck bend. Make sure your bedding is thick enough to keep the spine straight and can support your shoulders and buttocks well.

– Stand up

Balance the weight on both legs. Stand with your back and head straight, and legs straight. If you stand for a long time, place one of your feet on a slightly higher foot to lift some of the spinal load. Replace the leg after a while.

– Drive

Adjust the seat distance until the pedal is within a comfortable range. Make sure your lower back is well supported and your posture is upright. Also, make sure the rearview mirror is at an exact angle so you do not have to look too much or turn back or sideways. Spend regular breaks to stretch your legs when you drive long distances.