Proper Tire Check: How to Do It

What is in your mind when talking about tire pump? Did you already have the best inflator and are experienced in doing such that job on your own? Before or after inflating the tire, people usually check the tire pressure. If this sounds to be true, then you must know how to do it well. Of course, you can make a purchase of tire inflator after visiting However, tire check must be one of important things to consider, even more, if you never deal with DIY tire pump previously.

Checking tire pressure is not as simple as imagined. Only by looking at a measuring instrument when filling the wind is it not enough. There are other things that must be considered, especially related to driving safety. Well, tire manufacturers always recommend that to check the pressure, the tire must be “cold”, or at a normal temperature. That is, when the tire has been used for several hours, or after parking in a hot place, the tire will absorb heat. This condition triggers a rise in temperature, and when measured will be read relatively higher.

Professional riders who check the tire temperature after turning on the track with a special tool. The temperature rise is used as a barometer to estimate the temperature and see the maximum tire grip capability. When measuring, try measuring instruments in the correct position. Make sure there are no obstacles that make the reading gauge inaccurate. For example, the position of the pump or wind hose is folded, or the pumping position that does not fit right into the valve. After or before pumping, try to always see the condition of the tire by turning it at a glance. This is to ensure that the tire does not get disturbances such as sharp objects that are stuck, or there are other things that are dangerous such as the adhesion conditions.