Proper Wall Art Placement Makes Room ‘Talking’

Decorate the walls of the house with beautiful living room wall art in accordance with personality. The atmosphere of the house so it will be warmer. Leaving an empty wall view without decoration, make the room feel ‘cold’. Though many ways to beautify the walls of the house. Not just to make them look more elegant but make the whole room more alive. Try to place decorations or unique artwork on the walls. In order to look more interesting, consider also the color tone, dimensions, to suit the theme of the house. Interested to decorate walls with paintings or wall art?

– Select the appropriate personnel
Choosing artwork for home is closely related to personal taste. It’s like telling a glimpse of “soul character” and something that tells about you, It’s important to put something that you like. When you see a work of art that you feel needs to be owned, have it immediately! Basically, the artwork is one very interesting way to tell something about you non-verbally.

– Unity theme
Consider placing artwork that has a color element from the decor of space to make it look like a whole. When choosing a work of art, color is one of the main keys. Choose the work that has the most striking color of the room. Consider also the color of walls, furniture, pillows, curtains, or other elements to determine the color that is necessary and should be in your artwork.

– – Size
When choosing the artwork to be accentuated the room, make sure the size in proportion with the wall to be occupied. Position the artwork with the furniture under it so as not to impress “floating” on the wall. A work that is too small on the wall will seem to drown and make the work does not work. Conversely, the artwork that is too large will seem excessive.