Recognize Some Types of Minerals That Are Highly Needed By The Body

Maybe at certain times, you have felt a little tired or so on. This is actually a sign that your body is lacking in minerals and you must immediately meet those needs. A body that lacks minerals can also disrupt your digestive system. Maybe what you need is the right multivitamin supplement. You can read about Amway Nutrilite Daily review so you can get the right multivitamin supplements.

Keep in mind that for the long term, lack of minerals can make the skin look dull. So, don’t let you lack minerals for your own body. Also, identify the types of minerals that are good for the body.

1. Calcium
Besides helping to build and maintain the strength and structure of bones and teeth, calcium also plays an important role in blood clotting, sending signals in the nervous system, regulating blood pressure, hormone secretion, and enzyme function. Not only that, adequate consumption of calcium will avoid the body from lead poisoning.

2. Sodium
Although many avoid this type of sodium mineral, in fact, sodium plays an important role in the body. Sodium will maintain fluid balance in the body. Not only that, but sodium is also a key factor in sending signals from one nerve to another and helps muscle contraction.

3. Phosphorus
This is a very important mineral found in every single cell. Phosphorus is a key component of the structure underlying DNA, and also helps form cell membranes that control what can and cannot enter individual cells. Like calcium, phosphorus contributes to the strength of teeth and bones. Phosphorus also helps individual cells to convert food into energy and is also a major player in a system that maintains a balanced level of acidity in the body.

4. Potassium
Like sodium and chloride, potassium is an electrolyte that regulates body fluid levels and helps transport the fluid. And, like sodium and chloride, potassium plays a major role in the transmission of nerve signals because of its electrical charge. Muscle movement is very dependent on this fluid which works with sodium.