Rules in Golf Games that You Must Pay Attention to

In a sport, of course, there are some rules that must be considered as well as possible, whether it’s the smallest rule still must be considered and watched out as well as possible so that the sports process can run well and maximally. Similar to other types of sports games where the game of golf is also there are some rules that must be considered for the players, including those of you who are still beginners and still lay against this one game of pattaya golf.

In general, this game also has 2 types in terms of playing, namely the type of match play and stroke play, while the game will also have holes of 18 holes. Whereas in this game also must be known in advance about the rules given by the players and the players must pay attention to every rule that has been given.

The following are the rules in the game of golf that you must pay attention to as well as possible, namely as follows:

The first blow will start with teeing ground
If the game is done is foursomes and consists of 2 teams and each of them has 2 people, then the blow must be done alternately on each team member.

The least blow will be the winner
If the number of blows is the least then this will make the player win.

Walk on the next blow
Because this game is relaxed. So to be able to go to the next place the punch can be for walking.

While the calculation of this score will be a little difficult, because indeed in this game different from the other types of games.

Penalty rules
For this relaxing sport, there are also some penalties that you can also know before playing.

Caddy escort
When going to walk for the next blow, you will be accompanied by a caddy.