Who Says Manual Screen Only One Type? Know More!

Valentine’s Day is just a few days away and you must have started preparing what should be a gift for a loved one like a best friend t shirt printing . Many also take advantage of the day to create special moments such as exchange gifts, walks, or dinner together. For some people who do traditions gift exchange, chocolate is synonymous with the valentine, but not the only item that can be a gift.

In addition to the usual, there are also some people who can not eat chocolate. Well, some types of gift below can be an inspiration to make a gift or surprise. For you, who wants to give a gift in the form of a couple shirt, you must first look at the characteristics of your friend, what he likes and what is his favorite color. Because some people more men feel embarrassed when using clothes couple. However, many also like to wear couple dress. For colleagues or siblings, surely you should know their taste? Want to provide the best screen printing clothes? You should visit our t shirt printing Singapore which will give you a large selection of t-shirts as a gift or you can wear your own.

Many types of screen printing that you should recognize more in before choosing clothes as a gift, one of which is with manual screen printing. Manual screen printing is also many types, one of which is Discharge is a water-based screen printing. Discharge type is almost the same as superwhite screen printing, in the field, this type of screen printing is often said “screen silver color”, this is because the character of the screening Discharges, burn and replace the basic colors on the t-shirts that distinguish from both in the finishing process and mixture of additional drugs / odorless . This screen printing adds an odorless drug or a 6-8% discharge agent. Finishing press process takes place while the image is still wet screen printing. Drying can be done with Heatgun or press machine, but to produce the best quality of this screen printing should be drying using press machine. Drying with heat gun can also be done, but the colors produced by this technique tend to be less than maximum, the image is slightly darker than using a press machine. One more, this type of screen printing is suitable using reactive T-shirts, such as cotton combed the 30s.

So what are you waiting to give gifts to your best friend to surprise you? Gifts to friends will also bring your relationship closer. Therefore it is important for you to choose the best t-shirt manufacturer.