SEO and business is the Local SEO consultation based in London, founded by Jacques Vrolijkn. This site has been actively served many customers for nearly two decades with a remarkable result for their own business. Most of the business nowadays had their own website whether it’s a big or small to medium scale company. The website used to promote the product (goods) and services to the customer and other potential customers. Mainly for the purpose of increasing sales product and services they have. This becomes main reason that SEO consultant becomes big and blooming in the last years. However, many of SEO consultants did not have an advanced or unique approach to SEO business. Mainly SEO consultant using a comment to comments features that outdated and the worst only becomes a spam and did not give a huge impact on company website traffic.

Our SEO consultant used a different approach for optimized SEO and increase the website rate. One of our methods is by using the product that has the biggest margin and search volume. By maximizing that product will bring more profit to the specific product then can be used for other SEO product investment. This not only will bring you more effective and huge profit but also can show the customer another product that might become the other product that has a big margin in the future. Our company not only offers you an SEO consultation, we also have other product to offer such as training SEO, you can send your staff or even yourself to learn more about SEO and how it works. If this not interests you take it as an investment so in the future you can be made you product SEO by yourself and saving more cash for another business division development. The other services we offer is SEO health check, this will provide you with your website condition whether some work needed or its just really great. So, check our site and choose the best package for you!