Still Feeling Afraid of What Will Happen in the Future? Calm down, God Is Always There

About the future and all the problems in it. Sometimes it makes us as human beings feel that can not pass through it well. However, sometimes these fears will only cause all the other fears that we may actually be able to pass well. If we believe that god is real and can help us through the various phases of life, then we will be calm because we feel that we are not alone in living the days that sometimes require a lot of energy.

The future is still a mystery it sometimes makes us feel that it will be difficult in living every surprise that is in it. However, some of these things can be a consideration for you so as not too afraid to face the future.

1. God’s Plan is Always Better
We can not always be the obedient servant of all the commandments of God. However, we can hang all our dreams and future on God to be arranged by him. The creative hand of God will always lead us to a good end. Although sometimes the road we have to travel is filled with holes and sharp spines that can be deadly. However, calm down, his hands are never tired to just save.

2. God Always There
We do not know where we are going with God’s plans. However, the easiest thing we can do is to believe that God is always there and always comes when we need it. Do not fear the future will corner you and think of you as a loser of the world. Remember, God will not embarrass his servant.

3. The Future Can not Be Considered
Many say that what we do now will have an impact on the future. It is true. However, God has many plans and surprises that will turn the direction of one’s life. It’s easy for him to turn a person’s life in seconds. He can lift someone up or just drop him so fast. All you can do now and so on is to believe in God’s presence and the creative hands that He has.