When the Storm Becomes Stronger and City Set In Emergency

In September 2017, Hurricane Irma took place in the sky of Miami, South Florida. Dark clouds were visible before the storms came and Irma’s storm was rising as it crossed the warm waters of the Florida Strait with the wind and rain on us the Florida Keys. In category 4 today, Irma’s storm brings winds of nearly 210 kilometers per hour and a storm surge is expected to cause devastation in parts of Florida that have not faced a large body in a century. The storm is expected to reach the mainland on Sunday morning, first by traversing the Florida Keys before trekking the west coast of the State. Can you imagine when this storm came and you had to be forced to evacuate yourself? Of course, you need self-safety equipment that can guarantee your life as long as you stay away from the storm or evacuate, one of them is Best Bug Out For Bag Reviews For 2017 – Survival Gear & Kits.

Survival, as you go through the evacuation period, needs perfect preparation, for example, it will be great for the family if when you leave home with them you have a unique bag to take away. The bag is very well equipped and equipment are also good, stylish like a backpack with a large size and if you have children, they would also like to have a bag like this. When you have an emergency situation you have to decide what items you can bring and with Best Bug Out Bag For 2017 – Survival Gear & Kits you can have advanced equipment during your evacuation period. This provided bag weighs up to 32 kilograms and you need to pay attention to what equipment is in the bag. Our company Best Bug Out Bag For For 2017 – Survival Gear & Kits make great features on this bag with Life Straw filters that filter up to 264 gallons of water and beyond EPA guidelines. There are 2 or 3 people with an SOS emergency feed ration that can keep 12 bags of water intact.

In connection with Hurricane Irma in southern Florida, this hurricane path switched further west, making St. Petersburg on the west coast faces it, although earlier predictions suggest that Miami, on the eastern coast of Florida, will be affected by the storm. More than 75,000 people followed the Governor’s advice and entered some 400 emergency shelters in Florida. Approximately 76 thousand families reportedly experienced a power outage. Ever since the storm had turned and headed west, the citizens of Tampa were among the last waves to fill the shelters after days of thinking they were only hit by the storm. Tampa itself has not been hit by a direct storm in nearly a century now.