Strange Objects that are For Sale on eBay

In the present, selling goods does not have to build shops or word of mouth. Everyone can use online shop services to sell and market their goods. These items are normal, some are not normal. There are many overseas sites that offer goods selling services, one of which is Ebay made easy. This site can be said one of the biggest sites that make it easy for everyone to sell goods. Surprisingly, there are unique and magical items that are sold on eBay. This item is unique because it may be the only one in the world.

It’s no secret if someone sells virginity on eBay, sells elf-like creatures, sells his wife’s former wife’s helmet, and even a child sells her living grandmother. Let’s see what weird stuff ever sold through the eBay site.

– Selling Underwear Cheating Husband

What woman’s heart does not hurt when she knows her husband is having an affair and even has sex with another woman. This woman from Australia is doing revenge by selling plastic wrap condoms and clothes in her husband’s affair. This woman is photographing the lacy black panties she found in bed after her husband cheated on her. The wife intentionally embarrasses her own husband with proof of this affair. The purpose of this woman does not seem to 100 percent sell goods, but more to the outlet of her heart because of her husband’s infidelity. After all, who wants to buy a used condom wrapper and panties?

– Sell Grandma

The behavior of this one grandchild makes many people shake their heads. Zoe Pemberton, 10 years old, sold her grandmother or rather auctioned her living grandmother. The eBay site is clearly prohibiting the sale of people and giving strict rules. A lot of criticism is given in this case, although the grandchild does not really want to sell her 61-year-old grandmother. The auction of the grandmother makes a lot of people submit several price quote in the auction. But because it is clearly against the rules, this auction is stopped and closed because eBay policy does not allow human auction.