Technological Trends Noteworthy This Year

Dynamic and rapid technological developments and innovations are always interesting to observe. Globally, there are some technology trends that deserve attention in 2017. Chief Economist and Senior Director of Market Research Consumer Technology Association (CTA) Shawn DuBravac presented four technological trends in 2017 at CES Asia 2017 in Shanghai, China. This event is a gathering place for consumer technology innovation in Asia and followed by 450 participants from 22 countries. What should be considered this year, according to DuBravac, is invisible computing, aka the lack of touch of connectivity computing in everyday devices. Mobile device users are said to be using fewer hands to operate the device. DuBravac view, this is closely related to the increasing use of mobile devices. We’ll see more and more using sound technology. Computing will be widespread, such as smart headphones that can receive commands by voice, in addition to the hand.

Immersive involvement, which is a combination of virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR). According to DuBravac, the blend of both will be mixed reality. He explains a very real example is the drone technology that can be used underwater (underwater drone), Power Ray. More digital displays in many environments, for example, are vehicle technology. Algorithmic experience. DuBravac revealed it is associated with devices that are interconnected with each other, such as information systems and automotive technology. Self-driving vehicles and transportation futures. Currently, there are several car manufacturers that have developed self-driving cars, such as BMW, BYD, On, News, Honda, Volvo, Mercedes Benz, Baidu, and Continental. Digital life, namely the digitalization of lifestyle and everyday environment. DuBravac explains it can be said this trend is an alloy between analog and digital. This digital device was created to help facilitate everyday life. For example, Tech-Air Airbag Vest jacket launched Alpinestars, can detect if the jacket held by non-owner. Or a digital tool that helps the disability.