The appendance in a boiler

A boiler in demand to always be able to produce sufficient steam as needed on board. The availability of hot steam is the absolute necessity for the smooth operation of machinery that requires steam. Shipping and service may be disrupted if steam revenue is problematic because we do not know how to operate properly and safely so that the Calderas is disturbed or damaged.

We already know that the boiler should be equipped with appendance and some equipment to make the boiler run smoothly and to ensure boiler safety. According to the steam law then included in the appendance are:

a. Related to the steam room.

Security valve

This valve has a function to prevent the pressure inside the boiler from exceeding the regulated rule of action.

Main and auxiliary valve

is a valve used to regulate steam for charge heating, while auxiliary valves are used to regulate the flow of auxiliary planes? The valve should be installed as close as possible to the boiler and the valve should be able to open and close properly and smoothly.


This tool is to show and know the vapor pressure of the connection that is in a kettle clearly and precisely, in the presence of this manometer the operation of the boiler will be safer.

b. Related to the water chamber.

Boiler filling valve

The function of this valve is to adjust the amount of water that fills into the boiler and prevents boiler water from returning to the feeding line.

Faucet Spui or Blowdown.

It is to remove part or all of the boiler water to remove the debris that settles on the bottom of the boiler.

Glass Penduga

Is a water controller in the boiler.
Besides that there are additional tools, but not including appendance that is:

Brain faucet

Salt Faucet

Line of Fire

Plate stamp

In the modern boiler, in addition to these tools are still equipped with other tools to enhance the efficiency of the boiler, namely:

Advanced steam heaters or OVO

Air heater or LUVO

Initial heater water kettle or ECO