The Atheists Only Have Small And Temporary Happiness

When you have God, the focus of satisfaction and happiness lies in your own heart. This is why there is such a thing as a theory of holes in the heart where only God can fill that hole with friends prayer to jesus for help. Do this by focusing your mind on God in prayer, words, and hymns, as if you were conversing with the Creator. It is this activity that cleanses your heart from various kinds of misguided lust, animalism (hatred, revenge, anger, and anarchism) and other evil things. In fact, we can say that people who have trust are those whose hearts are always happy even if there is no sensory stimulation (true heart happiness). In the meantime, if you’re a Christian and you can’t pray effectively then perhaps you should check out the urgent prayer request service.

If your computer /laptop/smartphone/ and tablet at home have an antivirus to keep the device clean, fast and not easily damaged. So focusing on God is an effective and efficient way to cleanse your heart/mind from all abominations and crimes that harm other people and also yourself. Protect your mind by using the best antivirus so that life is more positive from day to day.

The pseudo-happiness of atheists is very dependent on what they consume

In essence, atheists are oriented towards Indra and are very dependent on all the pleasures of the world. When they don’t indulge in something that is good according to him or according to most people or at least according to the famous media, there is no happiness. What is in the world is what makes them happy where pleasure is synonymous with happiness. Without the sparkling of this world (wealth, praise, appreciation, respect, and popularity) even things that are cruel/evil too (drugs, free sex, and orgies), they will feel very empty and meaningless. This kind of happiness makes it more likely to legalize evil things to fulfill them.

There are so many atheist scientists who try to tell the structure of the universe and all the turmoil in it. However, instead of explaining the facts they blur it instead. Instead of breaking down the problem they make it all the more complicated.