The Best Leather Tote – Ainimoer Crossbody Tote

This one of the best leather totes are different from another tote. This leather tote is a crossbody tote. But actually, they still provide a small strap that can be used as a shoulder tote. This best leather tote has 10 different colors. According to its design, this tote is also called the best crossbody leather tote.

Animoer brand is the same as another online brand, they sell their products directly to their costumers through online channels. Animoer made a rare design by combining the design of others tote and a crossbody bag. This design provides a tote that can be used in a different way. Whereas their small straps are so shorts, so it may be less comfortable if used as a shoulder bag.

This best leather tote is made of high-quality full grain leather. Actually, full grain leather may not be the top choice for a designer handbag but, full-grain leather is still the higher grade of leathers. This type of leather uses the entire layer of skin. As a result, full grain leather thicker and heavier rather than others types of leathers. This type of leather does not become the top choices for a designer handbag because it’s thicker and heavier so it will make the leather tote become less flexible. The new leather tote is stiffer and it takes a long time to break in. But the good news is, full grain leather is a durable type of leather. The uses of full grain leather made this leather tote less expensive. This leather tote from Animoer is priced around $79.

Animoer crossbody leather tote provides so many compartments that can helpful to divide our belongings. They also provide small pockets or slips on the outside of the leather tote. Unfortunately, their stitches and claps are not durable. This 14x10x5inch leather tote is quite small for some people.