The Importance Of Installing A Dash Cam In A Vehicle Is Not A Joke

Did you know that the camera function is not only for photos or just recording happy moments? There are still many people who don’t know the other functions of installing a Dashboard camera or front camera on a car. Next, we provide a review of the functions of the camera Dashboard so that you and your car remain safe. Meanwhile, if you want to buy the best cameras for cars, you need to buy trusted and licensed brands from a store with a good reputation, especially if you don’t want to end up with bad or fake dash cams.

Here are the reasons why it’s important to install a dash cam in your vehicle:

# 1 Avoid frauds on the streets

There are so many modes of fraud on the streets. Starting from a leaky tire, pretending to be hit, even a threat. Well, those who often do fraud mode will usually be afraid first if they see the camera. So you can avoid the modes that often occur on the streets.

# 2 It provides real evidence of an accident

Surely you often see fights or accidents happening on the highway. This is an important function of the camera Dashboard, which is as real evidence that will help the parties concerned.

# 3 It helps you to claim your insurance

Has your car had an accident? It may be caused by you or by someone else that caused damage to your car. You can use the proof of record as a supplement to make insurance claims.

# 4 It records important or funny moments

In addition to its function to help other people and yourself, you can also capture important or funny moments recorded by the Dashboard camera. If you are a content creator or Youtuber, this can be an additional income for you.

The price of a Dashboard camera is indeed not cheap. Some well-known brands even cost up to millions. However, the benefits obtained will be very useful for your safety and comfort, your family and others.