The Meaning of Heavy Equipment

The existence of heavy equipment in today’s projects both construction projects is very important to support the Government both in the construction of infrastructure and in the exploration of mining products, such as coal and cement. The benefits of using heavy equipment include very fast time, large power and economic values. You can visit to know more.

The use of heavy equipment that is not appropriate with the conditions and situation of employment will have the form of losses, including low production, failure to achieve a predetermined schedule or target or loss of improper repair costs. Therefore, before determining the type and amount of equipment and attachments, the functions and applications should be understood first.

Heavy equipment (which is often known in Civil Engineering) is a tool used to assist building construction. Heavy equipment is an important factor in the project, especially construction and mining projects, and other activities on a large scale. The purpose of using heavy equipment is to make it easier for humans to do their jobs so that the expected results can be achieved more easily with a relatively shorter time.

Heavy equipment commonly used in construction projects include:
– Land processing equipment such as bulldozers, scrapper
– Excavators (excavators) such as backhoes, shovel fronts, clamshells;
– Transport equipment such as loaders, trucks and conveyor belts;
– Soil compactors such as rollers and compactors, etc.

Heavy equipment can also be categorized into several classifications. This classification is the functional classification of machines and the operational classification of heavy equipment. What is meant by functional classification of tools is the distribution of these tools based on the main functions of the tool.

The condition of the project land is sometimes still the original land that must be prepared before the land begins to be processed. If there are still shrubs or trees on the land, land clearing can be done using a dozer. For removal of the topsoil, a scraper can be used. Whereas for flat surface formation besides dozers, motor graders can also be used.