The Mistakes Law Firms May Not Make

Well, there are so many mistakes that can ruin Lawfirm itself. First, thinking of not having an online presence or existence of the law firm in the online world. The first mistake most lawyers made is not having the desire and maintain the online presence. Moreover, if they already have several referral and experience clients. Perhaps, you also wonder to know this when you wonder how bruno calfat advogados works for each client.

Why do they need online presence because now people are easy to use gadgets to find the information they need. Like we want to find an address, just google it, then Google makes it easy for us to find the address, and now the trend is like that. It also looks for the law firm, people usually browse first about divorce cases, or how to process divorce cases in court through lawyers, they all already use the internet.

The second mistake is that lawyers assume writing marketing strategies is an unnecessary activity because they consider it quite mastering skills in the legal field. The marketing strategy is necessary because even though the practice of a lawyer is in the field of law, but to manage a legal services business, it needs a strategy. And one of the areas that need to be developed is the marketing strategy, “he said.

Then, the third mistake is that they don’t understand the client’s journey. This buyer’s journey is someone’s journey before he becomes a client. So, before becoming a client, it usually becomes a visitor first, then becomes the person who asks first, we know the name of the leads, then he is okay, finally, he becomes a client.

Now, this marketing trip must be understood by every lawyer or manager of the law firm because by understanding finally we can educate what he did not understand to understand, which he did not believe in was believed until finally, he recruited and then hired the law firm.