The unheard yet powerful cosplayers of Indonesia

Don’t underestimate Indonesian cosplayers. Indonesia won the 3rd place in the World Cosplay Summit twice in Japan.

Have you ever seen the people above? They are people who have made Indonesia famous in the international world, you know! With the cosplay, they managed to become the 3rd winner of the 2014 WCS (World Cosplay Summit) held in Nagoya, Japan. And it turns out this is not the first time you know, in 2012 Indonesia also won 3rd place. Aside from that, check out the videos and news about Cosplay at Youmacon as well.

Indeed, the news is not as good as when Indonesia won badminton, or as champions of the arena of searching for Indonesian Idol talent who immediately hits in various mass media. But look, at least the hobby that is often considered strange and useless has once brought fragrant Indonesian names on the international scene.

It doesn’t matter if people still think cosplay is a strange thing. But at least, let us express ourselves through our hobbies, and we can achieve with positive things.

After reading the above explanation and still thinking that cosplay is something unnatural, it doesn’t matter. Everyone has their own opinions. But the truth is, the wishes of cosplayers are as simple as humans in general, they just want to make fun, have fun with the hobbies they take seriously.

Therefore, stop taking and say their hobbies are not useful and just waste money. Just the same with people who have a hobby of traveling, they are also willing to collect money and spend it on the streets. Cosplay is also one of our ways for refreshing from college routines so that life becomes more interesting, lots of stories, and experiences.

That’s it for the info that we may share with you this time regarding cosplayers. We hope this article will convince you that cosplaying is a very positive thing instead of thinking what people have misunderstood about cosplaying these days.