These Are 5 Basic Tips For Holding A Music Concert

Making a music concert is not an easy matter. There are many things that must be prepared from the preparation before the concert until the day of the concert, such as ticket sales, the promotion strategy, talent recruitment, getting the license, and also hiring the best 3D Projection Mapping company. Now if you are planning to make a concert in the near future, it’s a good idea to read the 5 tips below.

Here are the tips for you:

1. The Concept

The first thing you need to do is make a concept. What kind of concert would you like? Think about what themes you will apply to your concert. Look for a concept and theme that is out of the box so that your concert is not boring and different from whatever existed. Use your creativity. This concept can later be more value than your concert.

2. Team

You can’t work alone. Form a team consisting of several people with different skills according to your needs to hold the concert. Choose people who you trust and can invite you to collaborate well, and are of high quality and reliable.

3. Venue

Next is determining the venue. The selection of the right venue determines the success or failure of an event. Don’t always assume if you want a successful event, venuenya must be expensive. The main thing is that the venue you choose matches the concept of your concert and is safe for its survival on the day h. That is all.

4. Talent

Bring talent in accordance with the concept of the concert and target visitors. Don’t bring too many talents, especially if they play the same type of music and music genre. It’s the same as hearing one tape over and over again. Bring 2-3 opening talents and 1 main talent as the highlight of the event, main appearance, and closing.

5. Licensing and Security

You must pay attention to this because the concert will not run without permission. Many risks can arise when implementing if you ignore this. Take care of licensing with local authorities. Consult your concert with the party who issued the permit. Don’t hesitate to ask for their opinions.