These Are Some Treatment Of Fur Carpets That You Need To Know Well

A carpet is indeed a home accessory that is used by many people. In fact, many people use more than one carpet in their homes. However, many of them did not pay attention to the cleanliness. In fact, carpet cleaning is something that must be maintained. You can use tile cleaning sydney so that your carpet can be cleaned to the maximum and go through the maximum drying process

One type of carpet that is always used is fur rugs. However, care of fur rugs must also be well known so that you can take care of it and clean it regularly. Some fur carpet treatments that you should know are

1. Each carpet material requires different ways and types of treatment. Some can be cleaned with a special cleaning liquid, vacuum cleaner, or steam cleaner.
Actually, the carpet cannot be cleaned with a vacuum cleaner because it is between the fibers between the hard to reach the power of vacuum cleaner suction. In addition, extracted and sucked fibers can get caught and make the engine damaged.

2. Use detergent specifically for wool that does not contain alkali or other biological enzymes and soaks in warm water or cold water. Don’t use hot water because it will make the carpet shrink! Don’t also use softener and fragrance ingredients.

3. Can be washed using a washing machine but do not dry it in a drying machine. Squeeze it manually. Place it on a towel so that the water seeps into the towel and the carpet dries. After drying, brush with a special brush for the carpet to keep it fluffy and soft.

4. Dry and beat the carpet regularly to keep it clean and healthy. As much as possible dry in the area exposed to solar heat but not directly so that germs and bacteria die.

Carpet care must always be cleaned. Whatever type of carpet you use, make sure you wash and treat it properly and maximally.

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