These Are The Benefits Of Concrete Mixture For Small Scale Projects

For a small project at home, you don’t need to spend a lot of money, especially until you have to rent a concrete mixer truck. Simply use simple materials and tools, then all projects at home can be completed. In the meantime, you may hire the Deputy Inspector Redlands CA if you need concrete experts to inspect the concrete casting quality for your project.

Some small projects at home may be suitable for using a type of concrete made by yourself. Some of those projects are including:

Installation of poles.
Manufacture of concrete bearings.
Making door ladders.
Making floors for warehouses etc.

In addition to the above projects, concrete mixtures for small scale projects can also be used for repairing or patching damaged or cracked concrete at home. Surely it will be more economical by utilizing the energy and energy possessed to make the house look better.

The mixture can consist of the composition below:

1 part cement.
2 parts of sand.
4 parts of rock (aggregate).
A mixture of sharp sand and stone can be mixed 6 to 1 with cement.

If you want the concrete to be stronger and harder, then the comparison of the composition is:

1 part cement.
2 parts of sand.
3 parts of rock (aggregate).

Ideally, the stones should be 15 to 20 mm in size.

If the composition of all the ingredients is explained above, then how much water should be added to make wet concrete?

To be more specific, the maximum amount of water that must be added is 0.55 times the weight of cement. So for 25 kg of cement used, use the following calculation:

25 x 0.55 = 13.75 kg or 13.75 liters

In making good and quality concrete, water must be clean, just like the water used for drinking.

Why should it be like that? With the use of clean water without the presence of dirt or other substances, it will be able to make concrete mixtures for small and good quality projects.

So, for those of you who want to make your own concrete mix, you need to pay close attention to the proper mixing method. Thus, you can save more money to complete every small project at home that you can do yourself with energy and creativity.