These Are The Components Of Split Air Conditioners

Split AC is a device that serves to regulate the condition of the temperature in the room to be lower than the existing temperature in the surrounding environment. All types of the air conditioner will work optimally if the room is small, and there are no ventilation holes or open windows. If a room is installed with a split AC but the window or ventilation is open, then the AC component or system to cool the air will not function properly. When it happens, you must call the best company which can handle the repair and instalacion de minisplit tijuana.

In order to be able to produce a process of air circulation which makes the air in a room cool, split air conditioners have several constituent components. Some of these components include:


The first component is the evaporator. This type of air conditioner evaporator is produced from copper pipes with adjustable length and diameter. The design of the evaporator is intentionally squiggly to save space and be able to effectively absorb hot temperatures in the room.

Air Filter

The air that has passed through the evaporator will immediately be filtered by the air filter. Air filters work so that the circulating air becomes clean and free of harmful pollutants or viruses.

Motor blower

Next, there is a blower motor which functions as an air circulator to get to the evaporator. The blower motor will also set the desired air temperature. Temperature settings can be done by ac users by using a remote control of split AC.

Electric control panel and temperature sensor

This component can be regarded as a basic component because it serves to regulate all the performance of other components such as blowers, fans to timers.


The next component is a condenser made of copper pipes. This component serves as a release of the hot temperature of the air carried by Freon to be released into the cold air in the room.