These Are The Reason Why Acid Mouth Does When Smoking Cessation

Cigarettes have indeed become an opiate for some people who consume them. For them, smoking is the same breathing that they can not abandon. For smokers, finding the best torch lighter is the thing that really makes them happy and excited. For that, they will feel comfortable when smoking.
For smokers, smoking is a fun activity, so they will feel that not smoking will only make their mouthfeel sour. However, is it true that acidic mouths are acknowledged by discontinued smoking?

The very right answer to the question is not. In fact, this is just the feeling of someone who smokes as a result of their smoking habit. As is known that cigarettes contain a variety of chemical substances that are all bad for health, one of which is oral health.

A sour mouth is a sign that your oral health is in a bad state. The first damage caused by cigarettes is a change of the nervous system on the tongue. The tongue is useful for feeling a variety of flavors, such as sweet, sour, salty and bitter. If you notice the surface of the tongue there are many spots that are the receivers of external nerve stimuli. But when you smoke, do not expect you can feel sensitive to various flavors of food. Substances in cigarettes will decrease your ability to taste. Not only that even, cigarettes damage the papilla to disrupt the ability of the tongue to taste. One of the impacts you feel from this damage is the sour and bitter mouth.

So, no longer connecting cigarettes with acidic and bitter sores, maybe both are related but that does not mean the acidity in your mouth will come if you stop smoking. It just shows that your oral health is in bad shape. So all you have to do is maintain your oral health and your body by reducing the few cigarettes you normally consume. That way, you will have a good body condition and a stable and not bad mouth condition.