These are things you can do as a beginner player of golf

If you are the one who always likes golf, then you must know what should you do. But, when you were a beginner you have to deal with all the problems that you get in this sport. This kind of sport is not a sport that you can play easily. Then, you have to choose the golf course with good quality. One if them you can choose is Bali Golf. Placed in Bali, you can get beautiful scenery there.

Bali is so popular in the world, then you can know that so many international tourists that come there. Bali also has so many good quality golf course that you can choose. For ou who a beginner in this kind of
sport, then follow these tips.

1. Take care of your safety
If you a beginner in this kind of sport, then you have to take care if the safety., Not only about your safety, but the safety about all the cru that around you. This thing just to make sure that all the people around you are not hit by your stick or ball. You have to wait until the cru and the other player has some space of you.

2. Give warning
You have to give a warning if you want to hit the ball and let the people have space to make sure they all save from your hit. For this thing, you can say “Fore” to them to make sure that they are ready to your hit.

3. follow the tempo of the game, don’t be a slow player
In playing golf, there are usually rules of the game that should be followed by the players. If we cannot compensate for the tempo of the game with the group in front, then we will become an obstacle for other groups that are behind us. If the group behind us plays at a faster pace than our group, you should invite them to overtake. If you are a slow player, prepare to be able to hit anytime when your turn arrives.