These Are Three Terms of Clean Water You Need to Know

Clean water is certainly needed by many people. many people even use water filters to get clean water and they can use it safely. Because, there are many people who cannot use clean water because it is too dirty, making filter water an important tool for many people. You can visit to get the right water filter installation.

For water that is categorized as clean, there are several conditions that must be met so that the water can be said to be clean water. Some of the terms referred to here are

1. Chemical requirements
In addition to physical requirements, there are chemical requirements that must be used as a condition for clean water and how to get it with a water filter. Among others are;
– Does not contain chemicals and can poison the human body
– The content of chemicals that are not too excessive
– The degree of acidity or pH of the water is within the normal range, which is 6.5 to 9.2
– Contains adequate and normal amounts of iodine

2. Microbiological requirements
After you use the five senses and chemistry to recognize clean water, now is the time to look more at terms in terms of microbiology. Namely refers to the water content that is micro-shaped and can be examined in the laboratory. The following are the conditions;
– Does not contain pathogenic bacteria that can cause disease
– Does not contain germs, both dysentery, typhus and others, etc.
– From this information, it can be concluded that water can be said to be clean if it is safe, hygienic, drinkable, good, the price is relatively cheap, and the amount is not a crisis.

3. Physical requirements
Water requirements are said to be clean can be seen physically or commonly called physical conditions. This physical condition consists of several components, namely;
– Colorless
– no smell
– tasteless
– not cloudy
– Does not contain solids (dissolved) more than or equal to 1000 mg/liter