These Are Two Causes Of Memory Weakness At A Young Age

Young age is certainly a phase where you can do everything. In fact, there are usually many people who can do more than one activity because they have optimal health and memory. However, right now, it seems that there are also many young people who have a poor memory. If this happens to you, it’s time for you to improve your memory by consuming nitric oxide supplements. A good memory will certainly help you in carrying out all the activities that you have.

However, actually, what are the causes of weak memory at a young age? How can this be the reason?

– Insufficient Vitamin B12
Young people generally pay less attention to the nutrition needed by their bodies. The lack of awareness that the body lacks vitamin B12 can be the beginning of memory loss. Tips for a healthy and balanced diet can be started by eating foods that contain high vitamin B12 such as dairy products, poultry, eggs, and fish.
Vitamin B12 obtained from these food sources will help to make blood circulation to the brain more smoothly. So you could say when the body experiences a lack of this vitamin the circulatory system in the body automatically is not good so that the brain’s performance is disrupted.

– Does not meet the need for sleep for 8 hours a day
Too tired is usually associated with lack of rest or lack of sleep. Sleep in less than 6 hours can cause memory loss. It is necessary to regulate sleep time for at least 6 hours so that memory functions remain good and maximum.
Not sleeping enough, it will trigger obstacles in the process of repairing cells and tissues in the body which usually occurs when we are asleep. Not only does memory decrease, but sleep deprivation will also increase existing stress. So, make sure to sleep at least 6 hours and if possible be increased to an ideal sleep time of 8-9 hours per day.