These Some Therapies Can Do If Testosterone Hormone is Reduced

Testosterone is a hormone that is very important for men, but some of them no longer have the hormone after entering the age of 30 years and over. Meanwhile, the hormone is needed for many things done by the men. One that can be done to increase the hormone is to take supplements. In fact, there are some supplements that can also increase libido. Many are asking does zma increase libido. it is very important to know because it is really needed by men.

Then, what should a man do if the hormone is reduced? and what therapy should be done?

Like women, men also actually experience the menopause that decreases the testosterone levels that continue to occur as they age. Although there is often a debate about the benefits and risks of testosterone therapy, certain conditions can be done hormone therapy in men.

Total testosterone (TT) in men begins to decline in the third decade of life or age 30 years and over. The decrease in TT levels gradually decreased to 0.4-2.6 percent per year. By age 60, 20 percent of the male population generally has testosterone deficiency.
But many doctors are reluctant to prescribe testosterone therapy because consideration of elevated serum testosterone levels can lead to metastatic prostate cancer.

There are several treatment options when deciding to do testosterone therapy. It is important to discuss with your doctor about the best methods of testosterone therapy to be performed, among others:

1. Transdermal gel/patch given at a dose of 5 mg daily
2. Intramuscular injection with a dose of 200 mg every 2 weeks
3. The subcutaneous pellet with a dose of 450-900 mg every 3-6 months, ie pellets implanted under the skin that can provide treatment for a longer term.

The goal of treatment is to rebuild naturally the total physiological levels of testosterone and free testosterone. Along with careful monitoring of testosterone levels, other hormones such as estrogen and dihydrotestosterone should be evaluated to ensure optimal levels.