These Things Are Essential For Speaker Placement

Finding the position of the speaker and listener at the resonance neutral point and standing wave is very important. Space resonance characteristics are influenced by the dimensions of space. Resonance effects produce fattening at certain frequencies and attenuating certain frequencies that cause boomy bass. If the listening room is of the ideal dimension, a more evenly distributed resonance distribution at each frequency produces a better bass and a midrange that is clean from a boomy bass membrane. Apart from that, you can check out the excellent shower speakers if you want a speaker which can be used in the bathroom conveniently.

In addition, the space resonance often called the standing wave, which gives a wave of water in a bucket when there’s a drop of water falls into it. This pattern of standing waves provides a different distribution of frequency balance. There is a null or peak position. Usually, the ideal position of the speaker is placed at 1/5 space length or 1/3 space length and the position of the listening point is 2/3 of the length of the space. In that position, the vocal sound will be heard clearly without being enveloped in a bass buzz and focus on clear and background music.

Furthermore, finding three-dimensional sounds that have layers of music is equally important. In general, the distance of the rear wall of the loudspeaker affects the depth of the soundstage. The greater the distance of the speaker to the wall, the deeper the sound stage we hear. Pull the speaker out a few centimeters away from the wall, we can hear the difference between the sound stage that piles up and the sound stage music that forms a deep three-dimensional sound projection. There will be front layer musicians, then middle-tier musicians and back-tier musicians. Unfortunately, many audio devices are placed in the living room or family room, which makes it impossible to put the speaker away from the wall.