Things you can’t abandon when you’re moving your home

Are you planning to move your home and dispose of unnecessary items? According to expert organizers of goods, although it seems unnecessary, there are some items that should not be discarded when going to move your home. According to the experts, some of these items deserve to get a room dedicated to storing it in a new apartment/house. We’d like to share with you things that will be better to be kept instead of being left behind in your old place. Aside from that, you may want to check out Sarasota moving companies as well.

Family heritage items

If you have a family heritage that has been passed from generation to generation, then the item has its own value in your life. For this reason, these items are worth taking and moving to a new apartment/house.

Electronic stuff

Before completely removing all data in electronic equipment, never throw the items away. This is very risky because it can make your data spread to others. Find out how to permanently remove data from electronic devices.

Important papers

Although you have to remove as many papers that are not used, there are some important documents that should not be removed: Birth Certificate & Death Certificate, Marriage Certificate, Divorce Certificate, Insurance Document, Medical Record, Passport, Inheritance, Trust, Buy, Record Investment, School Documents, etc.


One of the most common human hobbies is collecting favorite items. If you have a collection that you have collected for years, then these items may be taken to a new apartment/house because they have their own sentimental value.

Jewelry and boxes

Having valuable jewelry along with a box can add more value when you will sell the jewelry again. In addition, the box also serves to keep the quality of jewelry to avoid damage.

Tags from brand bags and purses

If you are going to resell the bags and the wallet, then this tag will be a sign of the authenticity of the item so that the goods can be sold at a higher price.

Emergency equipment

First aid kits, mobile phones, batteries, flashlights, are some of the tools that should not be forgotten when moving into new apartment/house.

Drugs needed

Do not throw away unexpired medicines and medications to eat every day because they can be needed anytime