This Is How To Clean Your Carpet Without Using A Vacuum Cleaner

The condition of the carpet will look good when we clean it regularly and correctly, so the color and texture are maintained and look well maintained. Using a vacuum cleaner or vacuum cleaner is a practical way to clean the carpet. Besides the tool, there are actually other ways and tools that we can use to clean the carpet. Apart from that, you may want to hire the best carpet cleaning north shore when you can’t wash your carpet by yourself area carpet cleaning.

Here are the other ways and tools that you must know:

Rattan Beater

This tool can be called the most traditional tool for cleaning carpets. The method is not difficult, just hit the rattan bat which is usually used to clean the dust on the mattress. Hit the carpet many times until the dust is removed from the carpet. After that, don’t forget, the dust that falls on the floor immediately clean it with a practical and innovative floor cleaning tool that you can buy on the online stores.


If there are stains on the carpet, we can clean it with the help of a little detergent. Sprinkle enough then rub the carpet in different directions to ensure that the stain is removed maximally. This is one of the most commonly used ways to clean the carpet without a vacuum cleaner, especially when the carpet is stained.


Besides detergent, we can also remove stains on the carpet with a mixture of water and a little vinegar. Simply rub the carpet stain with a sponge that has been dipped in a solution of water and vinegar. After that, rinse with clean water then dry.

Call the professionals

If you really don’t want to clean your carpet by using a vacuum cleaner on your own, perhaps you should call others to do the job for you. Unfortunately, you can’t simply hire some random people to do it, or your carpet might be damaged during the process, or at least the result won’t be satisfying. We recommend you to call the best and the most trusted carpet cleaning companies near your area, so your carpet can be cleaned thoroughly at a fair price.

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