This Is How To Take Care Of CCTV So That The Image Quality Is Always Good

The purpose of you using a CCTV camera is obviously to stalk all the activities where the camera is installed, usually, CCTV will be installed at home to avoid various unwanted events such as theft. So, many people do use it in their homes. You can also get the camera on vdashcam. There, you can even get any type of camera you need.

However, when you already have a CCTV camera, you have to take good care of it so that the image quality never decreases and is always in good quality. There are several ways you can use to treat these CCTV cameras. Some of the methods in question are

1. Keep the camera clean
The first thing in taking care of CCTV is by maintaining its cleanliness, starting from the camera lens, Housing, Drive Unit, DVR, Monitor and all that is related to CCTV equipment do not get dirty and full of dust. Because if all the parts are dirty it can hamper the quality of the CCTV camera system itself. The impact is that the resulting image becomes blurry.

2. Check all camera components periodically
All components of the CCTV camera must be checked, check the cables and their connections so that no one is released, and the CCTV camera position must also be considered not to target the target CCTV. Check everything related to CCTV cameras whether they can function or not.

3. Back up all existing records
If you find the capacity on the CCTV camera is full, you should back up or backup the recordings on the CCTV camera, choose what you think is important and delete what you think is not important.

4. Pay attention to the accuracy of the camera
The next step is to pay attention to the accuracy of CCTV cameras. Be it the accuracy of the clock, time, telemetry control, the accuracy of the indicator and the state of the DVR to find out whether it is damaged or not. make sure you always have enough time to check the various components inside.