Tip Being a Food Blogger, Photographing and Culinary Reviewing

Blogging is already more widely penetrated with the internet and social media. Starting from more conventional blogging, vlogging, and the booming to date, namely food blogging. Food blogging is a choice because, in addition to tasting a variety of good food, we also can still exuding ourselves by sharing the results of our review on social media, such as Instagram for example. Visit our website and learn how to start a blog for free.

How are the tips so that we can become a food hunter most hits? Here are the tips to listen further.

– Make a Different Review and Unique

Basically, food blogging is indeed a bit unique. Because, we describe food, but our readers can not feel it directly through writing. So, how to make our readers still want to see the results of our review? Make a review by describing the meal that we will review it well so that when readers read our writing, they immediately feel interested and want to try it too. Being presented in detail is okay, but do not even write until it’s too technical to be a reader as if it’s just like you’re reading a recipe. Draw through the writing, all the positive and unique sides of the food, and do not forget to take a picture of the food by displaying the best sides that make the reader want to try it.

– Best Angle Portrait

One of the most important factors of food blogging is the photo of the food. Because we as readers will not be able to feel it directly. So, it’s all going to depend on our visuals and writing. So, if our writing is very interesting, but our visuals are bad then the readers will not so believe that the food we are reviewing is something that is delicious. Choose the best angle and lighting, so that the best side of the food can come out while appearing in portrait. Try not to use flash directly, because it will eliminate the original color on the food and the photos are usually even going to be shaded.