Tips For a House Maintenance

The house needs to be treated because it is considered to express the soul of the owner. Starting from the interior of the house and some parts of the house such as yard, living room, floor and walls, even the bathroom, from there clearly illustrated the nature of the inhabitants, whether they are diligent and routinely care for their homes. In the meantime, you can also hire Special Inspections in Santa Ana CA if you wish to know how good your home is.

Here are some ways to care for your dream house such as cleaning the crust in the bathroom, fixing the cracked / broken tile floor, fixing the wet or damp floor, fixing the leaky bathroom floor, painting the walls so it is not easy to peel, when to re-paint, how to nail the walls so as not to crack, keep the door and window frames to be free from termites, and eradicate the fungus at home. In the meantime, you can also call Special Inspections in Santa Ana CA if you wish to estimate the price of your property.

– Fixed cracked / loose tile floor

The cracked ceramic floor is carefully removed so that the intact ceramic does not come apart. Nat scraped with a sharp object. After that the floor pair is removed or broken down to the bottom, made the floor, then the replacement floor tiles are installed.

If the ceramic floor tiles are damaged, grout cleaned first by scraping. Then grout watered with clean water. Next, the grout slit is filled with a slightly liquid mixture and let it seep inward. At the time the stuffing was still half dry, followed by a thicker mixture and pressed to solid. Before the stuffing is drying, the remnants of fillers scattered on the floor surface are wiped with a dry cloth.

– Fix a wet or damp floor.

Repairs on wet or damp floors are actually quite easy as long as the cause is known. When water absorption to the floor surface enters through the grout, the grout is covered with waterproof material. If it occurs on a non-watertight floor, the entire wet and damp floor are dismantled to the bottom of the sand. Above the sand is coated with a plastic sheet and then topped with a mixture of water-resistant.