Tips on Maintaining Spinal Health

Often neck and spine pain is the result of our poor posture. Inactivity for a long time can also cause spinal problems. One of the most neglected parts of the body is the back. Many people do not care about their spinal health, maybe you are one of them? Whereas in the back there are all the nerves that connect the middle of the body with the brain. Do you realize that any activity and activity that you do can hurt your spine? Do all your activities well to keep your spine, because in addition to your kindness and health, as well as to keep your posture upright. Here are tips to keep your spine that may be useful for those of you who have symptoms of spinal pain. When you try to pick up or lift an item on the floor, do not bend it, bend your knees. Spinal health is important to you, to maintain your spinal health and how to improve your spine condition if you are sick is by diettalk.

Because when you bend and lift the items off the floor, it can cause your spine to feel sick and feel burdened, but it can also cause cramps or dislocations. So try to keep your spine straight while taking or lifting things off the floor. Bend your knees to align yourself with the goods. Lift the item close to the body, then slowly stand again. Similarly, when you try to put heavy items in a high place, about a few inches above your head. Do not lift the item higher than your shoulders. When going to put things in a high place, try to use a ladder or a chair, because when lifting heavy loads above the shoulder line, there will be great pressure on your spine that can cause the spine to hurt.

When you stand for a long time, try to change your position as often as possible. One example is when queuing at the cinema, change the position of your feet as often as possible in turn. It is important to balance your backbone. Try to keep your back straight and do not bend down. Get used to walking straight, with your head looking forward and your back straight, and the tips of your feet pointing straight ahead. It’s important to use shoes that make you feel comfortable. Reduce using high heels for a long time. When sitting in front of a computer or television, do not let your knee position be higher than your thighs, and avoid hanging your legs away from the floor. Let both your feet flat on the floor and lean your back on the back of the chair. Make sure you look straight ahead. Look for a comfortable position, because discomfort for a long time can cause muscle cramps.