Tips On Beautifying Your House Wood Floors

If you like nature and want to apply it in your home, one way is to install wooden floors. The use of wood flooring can create its own atmosphere in a room, comfortable, warm and beautiful. Hardwood floors are very easy to maintain, of course, if you take care of them properly. Wood floors only need to be cleaned by being mopped or using a vacuum cleaner. This time we will share tips for you on how to beautify wooden floors. Meanwhile, go to Tile Cleaning Northern Beaches if you’re looking for a trusted and experienced professional tile cleaners near your area, especially if you’re looking for the ones who provide high-quality cleaning services at the more reasonable price.

Each wood floor has different materials, so the treatments and how to beautify also vary. Tips on beautifying wood floors:

Tips for Beautifying Wooden Floors

Paint your wood floor in a different color. For example white to create the impression of a spacious and clean room, light gray to bring out an elegant Scandinavian style or ebony color to bring out the cool impression. But it must be balanced with the bright color of the wall paint because the black color creates a dramatic dark impression.

For wood floors to look smoother, try to lacquer the wood floor of your house. Varnish contains polyurethane material that can coat the wood to make it waterproof. The disadvantage is that if the wood floor is scratched then you must do the varnish all over the surface.

If you want the wood floor to look older, use a layer of wax on the wooden floor. Wax coating contains sunflower seed oil which serves to protect the texture of the wood layer. To produce a younger color, use a mixture of wax and white coloring, the impression is a glossy, matte or satin color.

Use furniture with colors that contrast with the color of the wood floor you have. In order for the vintage impression of wood floors to be more visible, use furniture with vintage style as well. Like the dominance of wooden furniture, wooden cabinets, plain white curtains with lace and so on. Will create a room that impresses more naturally in its beauty like noble houses.

There are a number of wooden floors made from synthetic wood resembling but actually a type of laminate. This floor is more durable and easier to maintain than actual wood floors.