Tips You Need For Maintaining Car Batteries

The car battery is a device that supplies electrical energy to some parts of the car such as starters and lights. The worst potential that can occur if the battery is experiencing the engine is a car engine that cannot ignite. If this has been a bother, isn’t it? Take care of the battery by routinely checking its condition. First, you can find out the condition of the battery by using a special tool called the battery load tester. The indicator of the device will show the amount of power that the battery still has. Meanwhile, check out this article if you want to find out more about the best jumper cables.

Then, also check the electrolyte liquid inside. Of course, this only applies if you are still using a type of alkaline battery for cars. If the liquid is below the normal limit, refill it immediately.

Check the Car Battery Terminal

Terminals or valves connecting the positive and negative poles on the battery are also important to note. Some of the problems that often arise in this section are the appearance of mold, rust, until its loose position. This turned out to have an effect on the age of the battery owned.

Some of the above can be known by direct observation. If mold and rust appear, how to care for the car battery is the best way to clean it with hot water. Water the part while gently rubbing it using a toothbrush.

Then if the terminal starts to loosen, do tightening. If the part is difficult to tighten, the sign is that you have to replace it with a new one.

Preheat the Car

The power in the car battery will be charged when the car is turned on or is running. Apparently, when the car is not used, the power on the battery instead of being stored will actually decrease. As a result, when he kept quiet for weeks, there were cars that could not be started. It could be because the energy is empty.

The reduced battery capacity in batteries is called self-discharge. This is also experienced by all cars. Therefore, if you intend to leave the car for a long period of time, ask someone to heat it for at least 15 minutes every week.