Using a Key Breaker when your key is lost

One way to open a locked door from the inside is to use a lock breaker. These special skills need a lot of practice and will only be taught to talented carers. The sale of special locksmiths247 tools is also limited to people who can be trusted. However, a little creativity will help us in making similar tools.

1. Make your own lock breaker using a pair of paper clips. But for a more sturdy key, you will need wire scissors, clasps, and pliers. The important thing is to use a tool that is made of metal hard enough so that it can be used to gouge and leverage.

2. Steel spring is the best material to use because this material will not easily crack and can be made using miser. How to unlock a broken door must also take into account the thickness of the blade because it will limit the size of the key that the key breaker will enter later.

3. A lever or tension wrench will be made in the shape of an L and used in applying pressure to the bottom of the keyhole. We can make it use the L key, then file it flat.

4. Scribe is made using shorter legs like a small R. This tool will be used to be able to press the pin in the key house so that later the key will be rotated.

5. Insert the tension wrench and press it towards the bottom of the key. Give constant pressure as long as we use a pick or scribe.

6. If we cannot ascertain which direction the tension wrench should be rotated, then we can put it in the keyhole and turn it in one direction.

7. Pull the pick quickly and listen to the sound inside the keyhole. If we have turned it in the right direction, we will hear the sound of pins falling.

8. Insert the scribe above the lever. Use the bottom end of the pick in searching and pressing the pin-up until it comes out of the key house. If all keys have been successfully moved, the key will open.