Warehouse Management Needs

The need for self storage is very high. This can be seen from the growth of logistics companies and the development of infrastructure that supports logistics activities. Manufacturing and marketing will be difficult without logistical support. Logistics also include information integration, transportation, inventory, warehousing, reverse logistics and packaging, in which management requires logistics management that is capable of managing a variety of complex logistics activities. Logistics management Is part of a quantity series rule that duties to plan, implement, control effectively, efficiently the process of procurement, management, storage of goods, services, and information from the point of origin to the point of consumption with the aim of meeting consumer needs.

In managing goods storage, effective and efficient management is needed. This is because storage is one of the cost components in Logistics. Therefore optimal calculation is needed so that cost efficiency can be achieved. In managing the amount of storage space needed, it is certainly not an easy thing for a logistics manager. When using or using a certain area of space based on projections that have been made, it turns out the projection is wrong and changes in space requirements occur. This results in a waste of money for the management of warehouse space. This happens especially in the space that has been specifically dedicated to warehouses. This unpredictable area can be solved by using a shared warehouse.

What is a shared warehouse?

Shared Warehouse is a warehouse managed by a professional warehouse manager that provides space warehouse rental, inventory management even to transportation solutions. This shared warehouse can be used by more than one customer and uses resources such as manpower, forklifts, and electricity together. Because resources are used together, efficiency can be obtained. In addition, with the flexibility of leasing the space of the warehouse, even when leasing is very flexible, from daily, weekly, monthly to annual, it is very convenient for the customer.