What to Do With Broken Key

For some people must have experienced a broken key, whether it is a house key, motorcycle lock, car keys, padlocks, lockers or other locks. Many things that could be the cause of the key you use can be broken, whether because of the quality of the key ingredients are bad, careless, and could be due to age usage. So what should we do if the key we use is broken? You do not have to be upset or dizzy over what to do because there is already a solution. Simply you come to the lock repair place or call the locksmiths to come to your house. And let the expert solve your problem. There are several options when your key is broken

– A broken key is duplicated with a new one, just bring the key piece to the repair site and the key expert will duplicate the key for you. If the lock fracture is caught in its “key house”, you are unpacking yourself / calling the key expert to retrieve the broken fault.

– If the key piece is lost, unload the “key house” and take it to the key repair site.

– Replace with a new one.

Then how long does it take to duplicate one key? If you only make duplicates, you do not need a long time to wait, just 3 minutes of your key has been done. With sophisticated and precision cutting tools coupled with an experienced locksmith expertise, you do not have to be afraid that your duplicate key can’t be used, even if there is a mistake in cutting and the keys can’t be used, you can ask the locksmith to fix it again without you having to pay it back. Do you have a broken key problem? Call us and your home key problem will be answered. Then what about the price we have to pay? Cheap or expensive? Key repair prices are seen from the quality of the materials used and the type of repair of damaged locks.