What You Didn’t Know About Malware and Viruses

Trojans, viruses, worms, spyware, adware, keyloggers. These names are just a few of the many malware that roams and harm our computers. The damage it caused was varied, ranging from “only” to change the file extension that can not be used until crippling 50 million computers in just one day. Given the dangers, we think it’s important to once again remind you about how to protect your computer from malware. If you are doing the research and don’t know where to go, then you can go to wetheadorned.com.

Just like in the real world, the Internet is not entirely secure. If the 1980s malware was created just for fun, malware is now created by professionals as a tool to commit crimes. Cybercrime or crimes committed with computer technology and the Internet has long been a security issue. Inevitably, we must be aware of the dangers and ways of prevention.

Whichever device we use when accessing the Internet, whether it’s a laptop, PC, or smartphone, it’s all at the same risk. When accessing the Internet, have you ever thought that your personal information is safe from theft? When accessing the Internet, have you ever thought that your computer is safe from a variety of malicious programs?

What is Malware Danger?

The Internet is the gateway to exchange data and information without knowing the boundaries of geography and territory. Every time we connect to the Internet, every time it is also we risk from various kinds of crime. The intruders or hackers are always trying to find the weakness of the system or network that we use to then make us the target of crime.

How to Protect Your Computer from Malware

To detect and create protection against the danger, of course, we must know in advance with the malware and types of attacks. Because of course, we can not protect ourselves from something we do not know, right? Simply put, malware (malicious software) is software that deliberately created as a tool to commit a crime. The various types, viruses, trojans, worms, are the most often we hear. The way of infection is also various, malware can be spread through attachments at email, software installation, or attack the victim server directly.