You Need To Choose Women’s Clothing According to Body Shape

In everyday life, as women, we always want to look attractive and beautiful. Of course, there are many ways we can do it. Starting from implementing a healthy lifestyle, exercising regularly to maintain weight in order to make the body look slimmer and slower, do skin care regularly, to choose the right clothes. You can get funny t shirts for women on our website.

Talking about clothes, so that the clothes we choose can make us look more beautiful and charming, then we also need to consider a number of things. Starting from the color of clothes, the shape of the clothes, the size, to the material used. But besides choosing based on color, choosing women’s clothes according to body shape must also be a consideration so that we not only look beautiful but also deserve and be charming.

It is undeniable that clothing can make us look more beautiful and attractive if our choice falls on the right type or form of clothing. Looking more beautiful and charming will make us feel more confident. Because every woman has a different body shape, so does the choice of clothes that suit them, it must also vary.

Those who have a body shape like an hourglass, which has a firm hip curve and a wide chest size, of course, will look good when wearing body fit clothing that can show these advantages. However, it will be less attractive when applied to women with square bodies that don’t have too many curves.

That is why you need to identify your body shape before choosing or buying clothes. So that the clothes you buy can all be suitable for you to wear on your body. The following are some of the body shape.

– Hourglass Shape
This type of body has very clear curves like an hourglass or like a “Spanish guitar” body
Small waist size with large and well-defined hips
Wide breast size. Between the hips and breasts look balanced
Some women with hourglass-shaped bodies usually have dense breasts, hips, and thighs

– Pear Shape
Waist wider than breast
Shoulder width is narrower than hip width
Buttocks appear to contain

– Apple Shape
The body looks proportional
Shoulders look wider than the hips
The waist looks wider than the hip or waistline that seems unclear