You Should Do These Before You Quit Your Job Without Having A New One

Before resigning from the company, make sure your savings are enough to finance your needs for the next four to six months – you might get a new job for a long time, so your savings must be able to be used up to that time jobcentre plus for employers. While you are still working, set aside your salary for savings and also for emergency funds that you can use when you are unemployed. In order to increase savings, try to save as much as possible by cutting expenses that you don’t really need. You can also use part-time to increase savings. Meanwhile, you should check out jobcentreonline if you’re looking for a better job.

Relax and relax for a moment

Those who decide to resign from the old office even though they haven’t got a new job are usually due to being overwhelmed with their work or already wanting to be free from an unpleasant office environment.

If what makes your reason for fast resigning is the second option, you should not rush to find a job immediately. ‘Take a break’ from the office routine so you can be free from the stress of working. That way, when you get a new job, you will be more fresh to face the next challenge. If you have enough savings, you can go on vacation and maximize that time to reset your career goals.

Search for Jobs NOW

After you’ve finished refilling your spirit, the next step is to find a new job. You can do this step depending on the situation you are experiencing (Are you still living with parents or not? Is there a family that must be supported or not?). Arrange your resume, visit online job portals or come to job fairs. Hopefully, your resting time can restore your working spirit again and your career goals will become clearer.