You Should Recognize These 5 Signs When Your AC Needs Maintenance

AC is electronic equipment that rarely gets maintenance. All types of air conditioning, both cheap and expensive, still need maintenance. It is intended that if the air conditioner can work properly, and the electricity costs incurred remain affordable discover more . Meanwhile, when you want to replace your broken AC with the new one, you may call the best aircon installation singapore to help you install your brand new AC.

There are 5 signs of an AC which requires maintenance:

1. It produces ice flakes

Ice flakes that occur due to leaks in freon. This freon leak causes the air conditioner to not cool anymore. The characteristic of the freon is the freon pipe is slightly rusty and greasy.

2. The air produced by the AC smells bad

The odor in air conditioners usually occurs because the AC components are dirty, there are animal carcasses, short electric currents, and leakage of freons.

3. The AC becomes less cold

Since buying at an AC dealer we have often been told, if the air conditioner has not started to cool down, we have to do maintenance. There are many factors that cause the air conditioning to not cool anymore, including leaking installation pipes, damaged condensers, fans that are not functioning properly, damaged freon pressure, blockages in indoor units, and many others.

4. The indoor unit releases water droplets

Water droplets in the indoor unit occur due to blockages in the drainage system. This happens because the installation is done poorly. Therefore, it is better if we use the services of a licensed technician so that the installation of air conditioners both indoor and outdoor can be done properly.

5. The cold temperature is not distributed evenly throughout the room

This happens because the thermostat on the AC is damaged. The thermostat is a tool to detect the temperature around the air conditioner. If this tool is damaged, the AC does not know the result of cooling the air produced, as a result, the air temperature is not evenly distributed throughout the room.